What are the fees and what do they cover?

COST: State Fees will vary based on the team you make. Check with your coach about your fee total. U9-U11 Premier Teams: $603.25 Select Teams: $528.25 U12-U14 Premier Teams: $611.25 Select Teams: $536.25 U15-U19 (Fall only or Spring only) Premier Teams: $571.25 Select Teams: $496.25 Cost includes: Summer Training Tournaments (1 tournament for Select Teams and 2 tournaments for Premier Teams) ___________________________ Base Fees: Registration Fee - the registration fee you pay to UYSA is your membership fee to US Youth Soccer and your insurance fee incase of injuries that occur during trainings, games, or UYSA sanctioned events. Gaming League Fee - the Gaming League Fee is for players competing in the SCL, IRL, & X-League. This fee covers the costs of aligning the team in the brackets, scheduling games, rescheduling games, and reviewing game results. Legacy Field Fee - covers the purchase of land to develop fields and complexes across the state to provide to Member Organization’s registered with Utah Youth Soccer. Usage will be divided by percentage of club membership in each region. The fields will be maintained by the Legacy Field Fund. To learn more about the Legacy Field Project, please click here. Referee Fee - pays the certified referees at each of your games. Additional Fees: Uniform Fee - includes a home and away jersey, shorts, and home and away socks. Players are responsible for shin guards and soccer cleats (without the front toe cleat). Additional uniforms/equipment (warm ups, backpacks, etc) are available for optional purchase. Coaches Fee - helps your coach with possible coaches license cost, team equipment, etc. Tournament Fees - covers any tournaments your team will attend. Select teams are required to participate in at least one tournament. Premier teams are expected to participate in at least two tournaments. Summer trainings - UVU may provide summer trainings from time to time.

Why should I play state level soccer?

The third level of soccer is State Competition. This is the most competitive level of soccer. Players are more skilled, faster, have better ball control, and are more aggressive and play harder than at the District program.

How are teams formed?

State Competition teams are formed by licensed coaches and through a tryout process. State Level coaches are committed to training the players to the highest level they can reach. They are required to be licensed coaches who take training courses on coaching. Who your player’s coach ends up being is based on whom the coaches select from tryouts. Ultimately the decision is yours, on which team you want to play for, and you should ask questions and feel comfortable with the coach and team.

When are tryouts?

2021 Utah Valley United tryout will be the end of May. Dates and Times: TBA. Contact the VP of Competition for further questions.

How old does my child need to be to play and what division are they in?

The Age Matrix is set up by US Youth Soccer and Utah Youth Soccer Association. Players will be placed on teams based on the year they are born. Players may play up one year if desired. Click here to see the Age Matrix.

What will the game and practice schedule be like?

State Teams typically have 1-2 games per week and 1-3 practices per week. However, practice dates, times and locations are determined individually by each coach.

Is there equal play time at state level?

There is no equal time rule in State Competition. Each coach is different on how they decide playing time and starting role.

How do I view the team roster?

To view your team roster log into Affinity (uysa.affinitysoccer.com).

  1. Click on User Login on the left hand side of the screen.
  2. Type in your username and password and click Login.
  3. Click on My Account.
  4. Click on View Details under your child’s name.
  5. Click on Team Info to be able to view roster info.

Can I get a refund on my registration?

Utah Valley United and Orem Youth Soccer has a no refund policy. A player registration fee is established each year to pay for necessary program expenses such as uniforms, team equipment, field equipment and maintenance, league administrative support, accident reimbursement plan, liability insurance, State Office administration and national USYS dues. UYSA leagues are authorized to set their own registration fees, subject to approval by their District Committee. The fee charged by the State Office for administration shall be uniform for all members throughout the State. The Board of Directors at their discretion can offer incoming leagues lower fees for a limited time. In rare situations, we may refund. Only the league president or the authorized agent that collects the registration fees, can authorize a refund of any or all of the registration fees. Neither the district nor the state has the authority to change the league president's decision. If a decision is made to refund, the UYSA and convenience fees are never refunded.

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