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Recreation Spring 2021 Schedule

Geared toward beginners, Recreation soccer offers a relaxed level of play for those learning the sport or desiring to stay active. Referees oversee gameplay, but scores are not officialy kept.


$100: U6/U8

$150: UVU Jrs (U8)

$120: U10, U13, CoEd

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District Spring 2021 Schedule

The second level of soccer is the Utah Valley Competition League (UVCL), also known as District. This level is more competitive and includes children from the ages of 8-15. The players are typically more skilled, faster, aggressive, and play harder than those in Recreation.

District FAQ


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State Spring 2021 Schedule

State is the highest level of competitive soccer. There are various divisions within state that allow teams to compete at higher levels as the teams progress.

State FAQ